Suppressing The Name and Teachings Of Christ

Have you noticed that many who have claimed that they are disciples of Christ and Christian messengers never even mention Jesus Christ let alone bear witness concerning him? Such absence is telltale and indicative that something is wrong.

Jesus himself counseled:

“You will tell a tree by the fruit it bears.”

If the “tree” is devoid of fruit should tell you something as well.

Some of these even claim to be part of the bride class and yet never mention the bridegroom.

They teach only about the older prophets prior to Christ and skip the Christ himself and what he said ; the one whom they claim they serve and belong to eternally.


Jesus gave this command before departing the Earth:

“Go therefore and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit teaching them ALL OF THE THINGS I HAVE COMMANDED YOU…” Matthew 28.

How can one meet this basic command without mentioning Jesus or mentioning what he himself said?

Did he command, “Go therefore and make disciples of Elijah or Isaiah or Daniel teaching them what these prior prophets said”? No. And while teaching what these prior prophets of God said is a very good thing, it cannot substitute for bearing witness to Jesus Christ.

These are aiding in suppressing and hiding the name and the teachings of Jesus Christ, which pleases his enemies and not him.

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